Who Needs Local SEO In 2022

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Who Needs Local SEO?

So, exactly who needs local SEO?  Exactly what business types gain the most benefit from local SEO?  These days, more than 50% of internet users use a search engine (usually Google) when they’re looking for a local business.  Whether it’s a plumber, dentist or nearby bar or restaurant, local searches are a dominant force. Businesses around the globe are now investing in local search engine optimization (Local SEO) because today, almost 75% of all Google searches are for nearby services. This is how modern businesses connect with potential customers

Let’s face it, nobody uses the phone book anymore.  In fact, most people under 25 have never even seen a phone book. Today, its all about online search, which means that its essential for businesses to use local SEO to get found by local customers looking for their services.

What is a Local SEO?

Simply put, Local Search Engine Optimization is the process of making business websites more visible in search engines, especially Google and the google maps listings.  It involves implementing a number of SEO strategies and techniques that will improve the business’ position in local searches.

Now that we’ve got that covered, lets get straight to the list of businesses that MOST benefit from Local SEO…


What Businesses Need Local SEO?

Who needs local SEO?  We have compiled a list of businesses and service providers that will DEFINITELY benefit from local SEO services.  Have a look below and see if your business is one of the many business types that should be investing in local SEO as part of your marketing efforts.


Plumber SEO has been one of the most sought-after types of local SEO in recent days.  Its why plumbers top the list of who needs local SEO.  Plumbers face exceedingly high competition and MUST show up in local maps for their business to survive.  When someone is looking for a plumber, they need one that is close by, so they will almost always search google for a “plumber near me”.

They also usually need that plumber right now.  So, Plumber SEO is crucial for plumbers that want to be noticed by this large group of people looking for their services and that are within their service area.


Dentist SEO is another highly requested local SEO service theses days.  Dentist serve a specific geographic area for the most part.  That means that all dentist SEO must be local SEO if they want to be at the top of the list when potential clients are looking for them.


You can easily see why all doctors are on the list of who needs local SEO.  Like dentists, doctors tend to serve a a specific geographic area.  In fact, its rare for people to choose a doctor that is an inconvenient drive for them.  People like having their doctors, especially family doctors, close by which is why Doctor SEO has become essential to every successful medical practice marketing plan.


Who needs local SEO?  Lawyers, that’s who.

Lawyer SEO has become one of the most requested types of local SEO over the last few years.  Because of the extreme level of competition law firms face, Local SEO for lawyers has become essential.  Most people do not want to travel far to meet with their lawyers so lawyers have turned to local SEO strategies to target potential clients in their local area.

Today, Local Lawyer SEO must be part of every law firm’s marketing strategy.

Real Estate Agents

All real estate agents serve a very specific geographic area.  The real estate business is set up that way by design.  Therefore, all real estate SEO should obviously be local real estate SEO.  They not only have a well-defined geographic service area, but home buyers and sellers prefer an agent that is very familiar with their area.  In fact, many prefer their real estate agent to be from that area.

Bars and Restaurants

Bars and restaurants are by nature local entities.  They serve a very localized area and, in many cases, mainly serve a specific neighbourhood.  Local SEO is the only type of SEO required for bars and restaurants.  Even if they have multiple locations, the same local SEO strategy will apply.

Cleaning Services

Residential cleaners and commercial cleaners also mainly serve a specific geographic area or specific geographic areas.  Customers also prefer to have their cleaners close by to maintain cleaning schedules and in case they require emergency cleaning.  Therefore local SEO would be highly suggested for this industry.

Moving Companies

When people are searching for movers they will almost always choose a local moving company.  The moving company themselves prefer clients that have pick up locations that are nearby.  This is why Movers SEO has become so powerful in the moving company industry.


Another clear answer to the question of who needs local SEO are definitely veterinarians!  When a pet is ill, the last thing a pet owner is going to do is choose a vet that is far away.  They are going to search for a “veterinarian near me” or even “best veterinarian near me”.  The animal that they love needs help and they need it right now!!  So, it’s safe to say that veterinarians serve a very local area and therefore require local SEO for Veterinarians.

Barber Shops and Hair Salons

Barber shops and hair salons are by their very nature local businesses.  They are strong parts of most communities and tend to primarily serve their particular neighborhood.  Local SEO is the only call here.

SEO For Multi Location Businesses

Let’s say that your business is a local chain with offices in a few cities or even a major brand with hundreds of locations across the country, you’ll still need each one to get the online visibility it deserves.  This is the main reason why local SEO is indicated for any business that has multiple locations.

Each location will require its individual local SEO schema and local citations.  It will also need to appear in its own geographically based local maps to properly leverage the power of local search.

More Businesses Who Need Local SEO

Here’s a list of even more businesses that require local SEO as part of their marketing strategies:

  • Repair Shops
  • Home Repair and Renovation
  • Ice Cream Shops
  • Bakeries
  • Dealerships
  • Religious Buildings
  • Yoga Studios
  • Insurance Agencies
  • Painting Companies
  • Pet Stores
  • Nail Salons
  • Car Wash


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