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SEO Location Pages

SEO Location Pages

Location, location, location pages!  They have become the hot ticket item of the local SEO industry.  But why are local SEO optimized location pages in such demand?  Why are they so important?

Well, if your business is struggling to get noticed by nearby customers or your current local SEO campaign is not getting the results you hoped for then keep reading.  Understanding location page search engine optimization (SEO) will greatly aid you in optimizing your existing website and be seen by more potential nearby customers.  It also has the benefit of increasing  the amount of qualified traffic to your website.

Whether it’s a brick-and-mortar business, single or multi-location business or service area business (SAB), location pages can help to focus  your local SEO campaign and deliver more net-new business through your doors.


Affordable SEO Location Pages

Launch Local SEO has Local SEO packages to suit virtually every Business’s budget.  We’ll take your website or your client’s website and boost your organic traffic with SEO location pages.  We will conduct a comprehensive audit of the site and develop a success strategy that will deliver net-new customers to your door

What Are SEO Location Pages?

SEO Location Pages- Local SEO - Launch Local SEO

A location page, also commonly known as a service area page or city landing page, is a laser focused web page that possesses all of your business location’s key information for customers and search engines. This would include your business location’s NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number) product or service details, your business hours, reviews, directions and more. Regardless of the type of business location (e.g. brick-and-mortar), your location page will contain the same items. However, your SEO Location page design will greatly depend on your number of business locations. For example, a brick-and-mortar business with multiple locations will need to approach developing location pages quite differently than a single-location business.

Location pages make it far easier for nearby customers to find your business information.  In Moz’s 2020 “State of Local SEO Industry” Report,
they list the top-ranking factors for the Local 3-Pack as follows:

  1. Google My Business elements (keywords in name, category, etc.)
  2. Google reviews (count, sentiment, owner responses, etc.)
  3. Proximity of searcher to the place of business
  4. Physical address in the city of search
  5. Consistency of citations (on primary data sources such as directories, aggregators, and platforms)
  6. On-page SEO elements
  7. Local listing engagement (click-through rate (CTR), clicks-to-call, online bookings, etc.)
  8. Organic user behavior (CTR, bounce rate, time on site, etc.)
  9. Quality/authority of inbound links to the domain

Key Elements Of A Good Location Page

SEO Location Page Elements- Local SEO - Launch Local SEO (1080 x 815 px)

First and foremost, lets get a tricky piece of Google business out of the way.

It is EXTREMELY important to make sure that your SEO location pages and your entire website fir that matter is mobile friendly!!  In September of 2020, Google launched it’s “Mobile First” indexing rules to ALL WEBSITES.  What that means is that Google will only crawl and index the mobile version of web pages. So If your website page isn’t mobile friendly it will never be indexed by Google for search results.  that of course will result in your web page not receiving any organic traffic from Google!  So please have your website professionally verified for mobile friendliness.

We’ve have listed below a number of components essential to the success of SEO location pages.  Each component will help to strengthen the user experience for customers that search for your business. It will also aid search engine robots designed to crawl and index your location page to rank you higher in search engine results.

They are as follows:

Use Location-Specific Keywords – SEO Location Pages

Its important to have location-specific keywords in your SEO location pages.  We will include location-specific keywords all throughout your content, your meta tags (H1, Meta Description and Title) and even your URL pathways. This will indicate to all search engines that your location page relates to a specific geographic location.

For single-location brick-and-mortar business: Launch Local SEO will include your business location city throughout all of your content, meta tags and URL pathways.

For multi-location brick-and-mortar business: For every location page, Launch Local SEO will include your business locations cities throughout all of your content, meta tags and URL pathways.

Include Business Hours – SEO Location Pages

I think we can all agree that its super frustrating searching for a business’ hours, driving there only to discover that they’re closed.  This usually happens when their hours are listed incorrectly on either their Google listing or their business website. To prevent your customers having to deal with this, we will include your correct business hours on your location pages. We will also ensure that these hours will match your GMB listing exactly.

Use Relevant CTA’s (“call-to-actions”)

Every page of your website needs to have a clear desired action or goal for its visitors. The same is also true for  location pages. Adding relevant call-to-actions (CTA) on your SEO location page will help to encourage your visitors to take specific actions (e.g. Reserve a Table, Get Directions, Request an Appointment).

Feature Identical NAP (Name, Address, Phone#) Details

One of the most important pieces information you must include on location pages are NAP details (NAP stands for Name, Address, and Phone Number). Search engines like Google use a business’ NAP details to determine where the business will rank in geo-specific local  searches. Proximity (distance) of the searcher in relation to the business is a major ranking factor for the Local 3-Pack. Therefore, it’s essential that your your NAP details are consistent and accurate across your location page, Google My Business (GMB), website, listing, and any other online directories.

Provide Directions & Share Your Location

just like adding your hours of operation to your location page, it is important to give your customers directions and share your location. This way they’ll know exactly how and where to find your business. We accomplish this by listing prominent place markers and nearby businesses. We will also embed a Google Map with a pin on your location page that enables customers to click on the pin and get driving directions.

Apply Schema Markup – SEO Location Pages

Schema markup is a way of formatting your site data that helps Google to more easily understand what you do and who you are . As an added bonus, adding schema markups to your website can potentially make you eligible for rich search results.  When we apply schema markups to your location page, we always follow Google’s best practices and will only use schema types that best represent your page’s content and intent.

Include Location-Specific Content

We will always include location-specific content on all of your SEO location pages. If your business has multiple locations, we will avoid copying the same content across other location pages by developing specific location-based content for them. This displaying duplicate content, which is to be avoided at all costs.  Good examples of location-specific content would be:

  • services offered
  • products or brands sold at nearby locations
  • menus (for restaurant location pages)
  • unique selling propositions (USP)

Internal & External Relevant Links

Another key step is to do internal and external link-building. Doing this will provide additional resources to your visitors and further promote your business. For example, you may wish to create internal links to specific product pages or services. You can even add external links to your location-specific social media channels, publications featuring your business or well known directory listings.

Include Location-Specific Video and Images

Videos an images and provide your customers with a glimpse into your business location before they even visit. This will help your customers familiarize themselves with your location, set realistic expectations, and create an extra layer of trust. Good examples of location-specific videos and images can include,  videos of products sold, interior and exterior walkthrough videos and photos,  and staff photos.

Note:  When we add videos or photos to your location page, we will ensure that they are professionally optimized them for local SEO!

Feature Customer Reviews – SEO Location Pages

Google customer reviews are easily one of the top-ranking factors for showing up in local search results and  the Local 3-Pack because Google prefers fresh content. Additionally, good reviews help build your trustworthiness and credibility with potential customers. Generally, users will read as many as 10 reviews before deciding to give you their business. Now, if your business doesn’t have alot of reviews, or is trying to bounce back from some negative reviews, we can create a reputation management plan to generate more positive customer reviews.

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