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SEO For Real Estate

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The Best SEO Real Estate Agents

SEO for real estate agents or agencies is the key to success these days. 

As a realtor, you need your potential buyers to visit each of your properties and you need those properties to appear as attractive as possible. Well, those same principles also apply to your real estate website.  the goal of real estate SEO is to drive as much traffic to your website as possible which is a major selling force of your business.

SEO for real estate is easily the best way to help deliver value to potential customers. Providing engaging optimized content alongside your real estate listings, while simultaneously increasing your traffic and boosting your rankings in search results pages.

Real Estate SEO will greatly increase the visibility of your real estate business drive net-new business. See below how SEO for real estate can help to grow your real estate company.


It’s your turn to get the best SEO for Real Estate with help from the Realtor SEO marketing experts at Launch Local SEO

  • Rank for high volume real estate SEO keywords in your local area and get more call and clients
  • Get more leads and increase your book of business with multi-location SEO for real estate 
  • Engage more potential clients with customized real estate industry content on your website
  • Partner with an experienced team and get the best SEO forreal estate agents and agencies

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The Best SEO For Real Estate Agents

Launch Local SEO has Local Real Estate SEO packages to suit virtually every real estate agents budget.  We’ll take your realtor website and boost your organic traffic.  We will conduct a FREE comprehensive audit of the site and develop a success strategy that delivers net-new clients to your agency and boost sales.

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Through years of employing tried and true methods and SEO experience, Launch Local SEO delivers specialized local SEO solutions specifically developed for realtors. We don’t claim to have any secret formulas or have tricks up our sleeves to generate new business for you. Instead, our highly experienced team of SEO specialists put in the time to get your real estate business noticed in the search engines.

What Is SEO For Real Estate

Let’s get a better understanding of how local SEO for real estate agents will significantly boost traffic to your website.

Homebuyers are continually looking for real estate agents they can trust.  When you make your website more visible and more relevant, you can be sure that they will keep coming back to your  real estate website. When you make sure that visitors can find the information they are looking for on your website, you’ll greatly improve the chances of them selecting you as their real estate agent.

Realtor SEO

Realtor SEO can truly boost your real estate website’s profile.  Local search engine optimization is a great way to increase your website’s visibility and ranking by using keywords related to your particular real estate business.

Real estate SEO will definitely connect you with clients faster. An effective professional real estate SEO campaign will result in your website being one of the first that people find in search engines.
Keywords are an important part of any SEO for real estate agents campaign.  Our SEO specialists will define search terms and keywords and strategically implement them to drive traffic to your site, boost your rankings and deliver new leads and clients.

Website Optimization for Real Estate SEO

Optimizing your website with real estate SEO improves your overall visibility to potential homebuyers.  Our work will  also take your site’s unique content, structure and backlink profile into account. Each of these features make it easier for search engines navigate your website and boost its ranking.

SEO for real estate can also include your social media integration.  By integrating social media and ensuring that your real estate website is mobile-friendly are also key factors in boosting your website’s visibility with simple one-click sharing.

Real estate agents can easily leverage the power of real estate SEO by always thinking about how the target audience will benefit most from their page. As a real estate agent, you know that your client’s needs always come first.  If you apply that thinking to your digital marketing strategies, you will benefit from increased traffic to your site, more calls and increased sales.

Local SEO FOR Real Estate

Local SEO for real estate is the process of enabling a real estate agency’s website to rank for customer searches for realtors for a specific geographic area. Today, Google automatically gives priority to  local results first.  In fact, many customers deliberately search for businesses or services close to them (“real estate agent near me”) to get local results.

Here are a few examples of some local searches:

realtor near me
real estate agent Toronto
realtor open now
real estate in Vancouver

Launch Local SEO For Real Estate

The best way to beat the competition in the real estate market is to optimize your site for local SEO for real estate. This focuses down your competitors from an international level to a local one. For real estate businesses wishing to use this SEO strategy, the best clients to target are those within close proxiomity to your properties. particularly those people looking to improve their current standard of living.

Here’s how we do it.

We Scout Your Competitors

We first take an inventory of your online competition.  We’ll research keywords that are relevant to your real estate business and that people are activelysearching for.  Keywords likes those that start with “house for sale in” or “house for rent in”. We then, research them on Google and review the top-ranking pages.

We’ll also research the types of content and information these types of pages have in common. Most of the time, we’ll find pages full of listings. That’s because Google considers many real estate keywords to have transactional search intent.

Select The Right Keywords

Next, we need to find you the right keywords. It is one og the most important aspects of SEO for real estate agents and brokers.  We’ll find keywords that have good volume and that are achieveable for your website.  Some important factors to consider are your website’s domain age and the number and quality of  the backlinks linking to your site.

We also do our best to discover quality keywords that have featured snippets. Featured snippets deliver some enhanced attention of searchers to your site, which in turn, increases the volume of leads you receive.

Here’s an example of a featured snippet for the keyword “best family neighborhoods in Oakville”.

SEO for real estate - Featured Snippet

Highlight Properties

After we discover your keywords, it’s now time to start writing your optimized content. When creating your optimized content, we take special care to highlight the property details likeFloor size, lot size, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, etc. We also make sure to highlight all amenities that make your properties more appealing to searchers. The more relevant we can make your content, the higher your odds are of getting ranked on the first page of Google!

Optimize Your Content With SEO For Real Estate

Aside from the property itself, we will promote the areas your properties are located in. Are there schools nearby? What about hospitals? Is it an historic neighborhood? These are all great questions to answer as they are  the type of questions searchers are asking.

Another great way we optimize your content is provide visual oppotunities. By using high-quality photos and videos in your content,  we provide a far more detailed appearance to your properties.

Optimized Google My Business

Lastly, and easily one of the most important parts of local SEO for real estate websites reating and optimizing your Google My Business listing.  This will definitely increase your odds of ranking for those keywords that are related to the geographic area of your properties.

Local SEO by Real Estate SEO Experts

Best SEO For Plumbers - Launch Local SEO
Real Estate Agent Near Me Map -SEO for real estate

Local SEO is easily the best choice for real estate professionals.

Real estate businesses are essential for people trying  to buy or sell their home. But having the best looking real estate website in the world won’t help you if potential clients can’t find it. Our Real Estate SEO professionals will increase your website visibility with a thorough and detailed local SEO campaign.

This local SEO for real estate campaign will allow new clients to find you on Google and other popular search engines to contact you for services. The only goal of our real estate SEO experts is to help businesses get found and boost sales.

Regular SEO may do a great job of generating greater awareness for your real estate agency brand and your overall business online. Properly done, it will boost your real estate business to the  top of search results.

However, regular SEO will have a tendency to attract all website traffic, without any regard for your realtor service area. For example, say you write an amazing real estate article that goes viral.  Well, unfortunately, the majority of the traffic generated from the article will be from all over the globe. It’s a good thing, but it won’t increase your leads or awareness for your real estate business.

This is why Launch Local SEO is the best SEO strategy for realtors. We’ll take organic keywords specific to the real estate field and convert them into local keywords by including the name of the region or city, or by strategically adding key-phrases like “near me”. For real estate firms, these are the most valuable keywords.  They are essential because they’re used by people searching for you every single day in your realtor service area. These are your potential customers that are actively looking for a real estate agent right now!!

Best SEO For Real Estate – Local SEO Stats

Best SEO For Plumbers - Launch Local SEO

Here are some seriously eye-popping local SEO statistics that every business owner should be aware of.  These days its important to have all the facts to gain an advantage over your competition.

Here are just a few local SEO stats:

  • 72% of people that conduct a local search will visit a store within 5 miles. (Source: HubSpot)
  • 900% growth in “near me tonight/today” searches over the past 2 years. (Source: ChatMeter)
  • 200% increase in mobile searches for “open” + “now” + “near me”. (Source: Think With Google)
  • 46% of all searches on Google are local searches. (Source: Go Globe)
  • 78% of local mobile searches lead to a purchase in-store or online. (Source: Search Engine Land)
  • 56% of consumers shop both online & offline. (Source: Local Search Association)
  • 75% of users never scroll past the first page of search results. (Source: HubSpot)
  • By 2020, online advertising will be 70% larger than TV advertising. (Source: Local Search Association)
  • 88% of local business searches performed by consumers using a mobile device will either call or visit the business within 24 hours. (Source: Nectafy)
  • 97% searches online are done so in order to find a local business (Source: HubSpot)
  • Google accounted for over 72.47% of all global desktop search traffic, with Baidu at 13.47%, Bing at 7.64% and Yahoo at 4.74% in June 2018. (Source: NetMarketShare)
  • 86% of people will use Google Maps to lookup the location of a business. (Source: HubSpot)
  • 72% of consumers searching for local businesses, will end up visiting stores that are within five miles. (Source: HubSpot)
  • 46% of all Google searches are local, with 60% of the people who search for local business using their smartphones. (Source: HubSpot)
  • 76% of consumers prefer to go shopping in physical stores during holiday seasons. (Source: Geo Marketing)
  • Over 50% of ‘near me’ searches result in a physical store visit. (Source: Mediapost)
  • Online search beats social media by more than 300% as a traffic source. (Source: imForza)
  • 61% of digital marketers view SEO as a top priority. (Source: HubSpot).
  • 76% of potential customers who conduct a local mobile search will visit a business within 24 hours. (Source: Think With Google)
  • Position 1 of local search rankings get 24.46% of all clicks, with position 2 getting 13.38% & Position 3 getting 10.12%. (Source: AWR)
  • After the 6th ranking position each local listing get less than 2% of the clicks. (Source: ChatMeter)

Why Is Local SEO The Best SEO For Realtors?


Why Is Local SEO For Real Estate Important?

These days, for most businesses, local SEO is incredibly important. However, for real estate companies, it is crucial.
The goal of your real estate agency’s website is to reach potential clients for your company, and those potential clients are usually local to you!

Home Buyers And Sellers Search Online First

Statistics show that home buyers and sellers searching for realtors will almost always search online first before picking up a phone. In fact, second only to referrals, online searches are the second most way that people find a real estate agent.  Most people will use search engines when seeking a realtor, therefore your website needs to be visible to them. 

real-estate-agent-near-me Local SEO

By optimizing your real estate agency’s website with local SEO for real estate, you will enable your business to be seen by an  potential clients that are looking for a real estate agent right now! Potential clients that are nearby and that are actively searching for your services.

If your real estate business website isn’t ranking on top of Google organically, call Launch Local SEO and get the best SEO for real estate now.


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